Thursday, 5 March 2015

WHAT MADE MY BABY SON HAPPY! #Dry baby, happy baby

It has been a long while since my son used to be a baby literally with “chubby chicks and dimple chin, curly hair and very fair”. He was born fair enough to compel any stranger to disbelieve that he was our son as both my wife and myself were brownish in complexion. He was such an attractive baby that he often failed to tolerate intense piercing look of people and fell ill. We used to put an amulet around his neck  to protect him from evil. When he grew up a little he considered the talisman as a unnecessary piece of jewellery that troubled him and always tried to get rid of it. Lying on the bed and trying to dislodge the amulet was his prime pastime. But he was never tolerating wetness. He would cry aloud once he is wet and his mother would be ever ready with a dry handmade napkin to change. And he did wet himself very frequently and used to keep his mother on toes. 

When he began to sit and take his first steps we taught him to sit on a commode to relieve himself. We switched to ordinary diapers available in the market when we went out  for more than a couple of hours. But he never liked those diapers as they were not dry in their insides. Now after seeing pampers dry pants these days we feel had they been in the market in those days our children must have enjoyed their infancy a lot more than they did.
Coming back to what my son enjoyed in those growing up days I can say with certainty that he always enjoyed a good meal. He was very choosy and ate only good stuff. Feed him something he does not like and he would immediately vomit it out. Apart from that he enjoyed playing and talking with his mother. I played with him something we labelled as “Tiger-Bear”. He would climb over me try to bite me and make a lot of noise like the roar of the tiger. I would reciprocate in a similar manner. This was our daily routine after lunch and we were very noisy. Our neighbours used to call us “father son tiger team”. 

Besides playing he loved to listen stories during bedtime. He would never sleep unless and until a story is told to him. Whether he understood anything or not we never knew but it was a ritual for us to tell him something before he slept. He relished new dresses and enjoyed celebrating his birthdays in a grand manner with his friends. His birthday has been his most enjoyable day even today. I have not seen any other kid so keen to celebrate his birth day as my son does. As he started going to school and learnt nursery rhymes “Chubby Chicks Dimple Chin” became his most favourite song as probably he could identify himself with every word of that rhyme. As soon as he learnt alphabets he tried to read books. I gave him Tinkle and that became his favourite comic magazine. He has a collection of all issues from 1997 till 2012 before white ants destroyed a few of them recently. As a child he was very creative and enjoyed making his school projects himself even when he was in class I. He was mad after Harry Potter and JK Rowling became his favourite author. The amount of research he has done on Harry Potter is incredible and the madness he exhibits for this fictional character defies common man’s understanding.

He exhibited his charismatic leadership qualities when he started a childrens club called ‘Jagruti Tinkle Club’ in our colony being inspired by Uncle Pai (Anant Pai, the founder editor of Tinkle). He used to write letters to Uncle Pai and was receiving prizes and books for his own club. 

Now my son is a student of Mass Communication and aspires to build some career in the world of cinema. I wish him every success in his chosen field of creativity. 

You may visit his blog to have a real taste of his pranks:

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  1. Haha..this is so funny to read..
    'Jagriti Amar-Tinkle Club' it was.