Sunday, 22 March 2015


It was 2004. I purchased my first mobile phone, the sturdy Nokia 3310. And that too after standing in a queue for almost 6 hours to get my first prepaid BSNL SIM. I had to shell out nothing less than 4000 bucks for the 3310 and I thought I got it at a good bargain. Most of my colleagues had purchased the same Nokia model for around ₹5000/- and they considered me as an expert in bargaining. Mobile phones came to my small town only in 2002 courtesy the Reliance Communications. But the call rates and the handsets were so costly that I could never venture to own one till BSNL launched mobile services at a cheaper rate. Launched in 2000 the blue colored Nokia 3310 was a heavy (133gm) bricklike sturdy handset which I adored a lot. Its loud and clear speakers were the things I liked the most. The B&W small display (84x48 pixels) screen where I could see the messages from a distance was something I am still missing. Limited choice of inbuilt mono ring tones (35) was well compensated by allowing me to download a few mono ring tones (7) from the net. The phone was an asset to perform the basic function of conversation and for sending SMS. The phone allowed 459 character SMS which was the maximum offered by any phone at that time. There was no camera, no internet, no FM radio or music player and nothing of that sort. It was a simple basic phone offering features like calculator, stop watch and four games. Bantumi was my favourite game and I often enjoyed playing it when I was alone, traveling. I dropped it several times accidentally from heights ranging from 6 to 12 feet but the sturdy handset could withstand shock and remained functional. I did not change it till it became non functional due to non-availability of its battery (BMC3 NiMH 900 mAH) once the original battery became dysfunctional. I tried a duplicate Chinese version but it did not work for even six months. It was in 2008 when I was compelled to give up using the set but I still have it with me as a memento. 
Nokia 3310
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Nokia 3310 was my first love in the world of wireless telephony and I can never forget the proud memorable days I had with it. Since then I have used several handsets like Nokia 1200, 1661, 108(dual SIM), Spice QT-60, Intex GC5050. But the attachment I had developed with my 3310 was something unique. I have not yet used a smart phone but I feel the features offered by Moto E (2nd generation) are quite enormous compared to its price. It is probably the best featured smart phone available in India market at such an affordable price. I am looking forward to owning a MOTO E in near future. Hopefully, my journey to the world of smart phones will commence with the new Moto E.


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