Friday, 30 September 2016

Change Focus, Be hale and Hearty #ChhoteKadam

This is really a daunting task to put forward advisory steps for keeping one’s heart young and healthy and beating rhythmically on the occasion of the World Heart Day. I feel any medical specialist in this area will do this job in a much better and effective way than an indolent food savvy human being like me.  Do this, don’t do that; eat fatless food; reduce non vegetarian diet; be on a disciplined diet without oils and sugar; take some regular exercise; at least go for a brisk morning walk; stay active and reduce weight. These are some of the regular advice I often receive from my doctors whenever I visit them. And I am more than sure that everyone particularly those above forty must have listened to such advice not only from doctors but from friends, family members, peers, and children as well. To advise others is probably the easiest task to do and no wonder free fund advisers galore in our society. But how many of us actually practice what we advise others to practice? This is a billion dollar question and I am afraid no one reading this post will like to candidly answer it.

Well, that is not my focus. What I intend to confess is that I am the least qualified person to advise you. I am going to delineate here what I actually do to keep my cholesterol level under control and to allow my heartbeats to remain normal. Out of the three points under discussion namely, staying active, eating better and being happy I vote for the third point i.e. being happy. Well, I feel to stay active and to eat better it is absolutely necessary to be happy. It has been proved beyond doubt now that life style diseases like, heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure etc are caused because of excessive mental tension. And in today’s fast moving world work and social environments provide enough dose of tension to any individual to cause these diseases. The real panacea to this situation is to keep oneself happy and contented. I have no hesitation to admit that I have been able to keep myself really happy amidst the trials and tribulations of life. At fifty four my cholesterol level is quite low and my heart is beating smoothly. Of course I am taking a little tablet daily on the insistence of my doctor and my family. They feel that at my age it is better not to be over confident and I respect their view. I am a great lover of tasty food and I eat just anything and everything. To control my food habit and living on a bland diet is like death to me. I would prefer to die of heart attack rather than to starve myself to death bit by bit. As far as staying active is concerned I do some walking whenever I get some time and opportunity apart from doing a bit of yogic exercises and pranayams. But I make it a point to see that I am happy every moment of my waking like. 

To achieve this I have separated my work life and personal life. The management experts term it as “work life balance”. When I reach my work place I forget my home and family and indulge in my work passionately. When I leave the work place I leave the work tension behind there itself and never carry it to my home to ruin my personal life. Similarly, I never take my domestic problems to work. In addition to this I take life quite easy. I am more than convinced that I am a mortal and I will die any moment. So I enjoy every moment of my life and try to make people around me happy. This takes away all the tension from my life. I am grateful that God has given me enough to enjoy my life. I know I will not take anything with me from this world. I came empty handed and when I finally go from this world I will go empty handed. Then why should I try to amass wealth more than I need and in the process invite unnecessary tension? This conviction alone is enough to give me a tension free life style and my heart is beating and will continue to beat rhythmically. Happiness is the key to a good functional heart. At least I am convinced about it. And it does not matter to me whether anybody subscribes to this idea or not.

My Verdict: Be happy and stay tension free. Change your attitude towards life. Enjoy every moment as if that’s your last moment on this earth. Believe me Life will be hale and hearty. “I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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