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My Most Memorable Day with the Girl I Married #Together

It was 3rd July 1989. The most memorable day of my life. The pinch of the sultry summer was being manifested by the profuse sweating from my entire body. It was past eleven - approaching midnight. My bhabi (sister-in-law) literally pushed me inside the room and closed the door from outside. Although fully aware of the occasion I was a bit nervous. There I was, all alone in the company of the girl whom I married just a couple of days back. I had not even seen her face well. Since my parents had finalized the marriage without asking for my opinion, I had decided not to see the bride before the marriage. I did not know much about her except that she was a post graduate in science and the daughter of a commerce professor. And I never got the chance to exchange a word with her. This was for the first time that I was going to be face to face with her. Although we had tied the nuptial knot and taken the vow to remain man and wife for life, we were still strangers to each other.

She was sitting quietly on the floral bed, clad in a dazzling red zari saree, her face partly hiding under the ghunghat (veil). I was not able to decide how to begin with. Should I lift her veil?  Or should I just begin the conversation by asking her the name?? I was in a fix. I was lost in the ocean of my thoughts. The musical clock struck 12 and I came back to the reality of the situation. I was feeling awkward. I was unable to digest the fact that the girl was none other than my wife, my own wife - the girl who, by virtue of having married me, had become a part of my life. I could hardly realize that I had absolute right on her; her body, her mind, her thoughts, her soul, her everything. I was sitting on the chair in one corner of the room and brooding over my next course of action. I did not know how much time had passed. Finally the silence was broken by a few sweet words ringing like the cooing of the Koel, "Won't you come here? To me?? Are you not happy with this marriage???"

I was chuckled - dumbfounded. Who was it? The voice was coming from the bridal couch. A looked up. A pair of large tear-bedimmed eyes from under the veil was staring at me. I was perturbed by the melancholic look on her face. A string in my heart's beena trembled in distress……… Am I not doing injustice to her by not speaking at all? A sense of guilt overwhelmed me. Slowly I went up to the floral bed and sat close to her. I lifted her veil a bit and looked into her deep blue large eyes. Tears were still oozing out of her eyelids. I begged her pardon for my uncalled for indifference and apologetically requested her to stop the tears. Gradually she became normal and a ray of charging smile flashed on her face. I asked, ”Will you tell me your name?” “Don’t you know that?” she questioned. “Yes I do”, I quipped, “I have heard it from others, but I want to hear it from you.” She laughed and the tense atmosphere got diluted.

We then talked, talked and talked. There was no specific topic. We told each other about ourselves, about our likes and dislikes, about our college life, about our friends and about a lot more things. Finally she asked why I did not go to see her before marriage as it was a common custom in our society. I told her frankly that I had full faith in the choice of my parents and since the marriage had already been finalised I did not feel the necessity to honour the custom and ruin the suspense of that fateful night.

Her face was brightening up. Probably she was appreciating my frankness deep in her heart. She stared at me for a while. Then suddenly she sprang up and put both her arms around my neck, her head resting on my shoulder. She sobbed as she told," You are not an ordinary man- you are extra-ordinary. I am really fortunate enough to get you as my life partner. I had absolutely no idea that there could be such a tender, loving heart underneath your fierce bearded look. I am really proud of you. And I promise to be with you in all adversities. Nothing in the world can ever separate us." I was moved by her words and held her in tight embrace. I switched off the lights and in the darkness two souls mingled to become one and inseparable. Two hearts had started beating together with divine bliss.

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