Sunday, 17 March 2013


Does GOD really exist? 
In the temples, churches, masjids,gurudwaras and other places of worship?
Does God has a shape? Or more specifically does God need a shape to exist?
If God is believed to be omnipresent then why do people rush to some particular place of worship to have His darshan?
If God is believed to be the owner of the Universe then why people offer Him material things like gold and money? Does He really need these things?
These are some of the issues about GOD which has been baffling the human intelligence since time immemorial.
I am not trying to go into the controversy whether God exists or not. Nor I am trying to prove anything. My perception of God is bit different which is as follows:

There is no being or thing called God which can be seen or touched. God is only a belief. If you believe God exists He does and if you believe God doesnot exist then He doesnot. However, probably you agree that there are certain phenomena like blooming of a flower or blowing of the wind which is beyond human control. Then somebody must be controlling these events. May be some power/energy which controls the nature. We label this super natural power as God.God is a belief created by us to fall back when things go wrong with us or just to console ourselves that "God wished it otherwise."I feel that man is the creator of this belief called GOD.

As truly and humourously depicted in a recent Paresh Rawal starer bollywood movie "O My God" man uses the name of God to his benefit.God never wishes that people should fight in His name, do politics in the name of religion,do business in His name and raise funds from legal or illegal sources for building his temple. It is the humsn mind which expolits the god fearing population to meet its own selfish ends. God does not need a temple to reside.Nor does he needs wealth to spend.Temples are used to collect money from the public in the name of God. Till today even after 50 years of my existence in this world I fail to understand why people donate so generously in places of worship. And why the same generous people become so miserly while offering some food to a hungry man lying on the streets.

I strongly believe that if God at all exists then He exists in all of us, in every living being. He resides in every human soul and needs only unconditional love as offering. I am sure many of you who are reading this post do not agree with me.

I will just request you to try this: Use the amount that you have saved to offer to God in some temple in feeding the hungry beggers in your locality.Watching them while they eat will give you the supreme happiness that no amount of worship in any temple can give. Don't trust me. Experiment it yourself.God will definitely smile on you. 

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