Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Letter to My son on his Completing a Score

You have completed a score today and will be entering your 21st year of existence from tomorrow. As I reminisce that moment 20 years back in the MKCG Hospital in Brahmapur I simply find myself the luckiest person on this earth. A star (brighter than the evening star) was born in my house. As the entire environment celebrated your arrival I was more worried than happy as your mother reeled in pain after the CS. At that point of time she was the only individual whom I loved more than anything in the world (I still do love her as much I did then, but the only difference is I no longer exhibit it). I never enjoyed your arrival till she was discharged from the hospital. The happiness all around our extended family was clearly visible. You are the harbinger of the new generation in our family. A bright fair "male" baby weighing 3.63 kgs at birth born to wheatish parents- something not very usual.

Many people predicted so many things for your future. He will be an engineer, He will be a doctor, He will rise to Himalayan heights, He will achieve a lot in life,  so on and so forth. I had no idea what your future really held for you at that point of time. I was just happy that I had become a father though that meant adding one more head to the ever increasing population. I was not physically present with you as you grew up slowly like the moon in the bright fortnight. Thanks to my job transfer! By the time you came to stay with me you were 10 months old. And I vividly remember those days in Talcher when I used to play with you most of the time. Perhaps you are the only baby who was physically so close to me.(I do not know why I keep myself away from small babies). Even Pinky was not that close to me compared to you.

Do you remember the days when it was a real task to send you to Issac Santra Nursery in Christian Para Sambalpur? The teachers there had seen something special in you. You were the most adored child there as long as you were there. I met Ms Panda just a few days back accidentally and she still remembers you. You were a hit in DAV as well and all your teachers are looking forward to see you in the winters this year.( By the way, why don't you prepare a presentation about media studies, its scope and job opportunities etc.for the class X &XI students of your school and deliver it?) You were a teachers' pet in DPS as well and even in the college you are living upto your reputation. That is what "brightness" is. Probably people knew about this special quality in you which I never visualised. And I still curse myself for failing to be with you (and Pinky as well) during your formative years. I never helped you in your studies but still you shined. You are definitely a "gifted" child as one of your professors confided in me a few days back. I am really proud of being your father. God has been kind enough to make me the medium to bring you to this earth.

Each of God's creation, however insignificant it may be, is created with a purpose. As I can visualise today you have come to this world to do something special. You are the messenger of the Almighty to uplift the down trodden and open up new vistas for the mankind. Your contribution to the society will be preserved in the annals of history. I was delighted when you asked me to have the Steve Jobs biography. This will definitely convince you how God creates people for His purpose. To quote from H.W. Longfellow's "Psalm of life":
Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time.
(this I had read in my high school days and still remember the lines)

Shape your life as you feel like. Live not only for yourself but for the Society at large. The mankind expects a lot from you for its upliftment. Never be serious about anything. Opportunities in life do come. Just have the right attitude to recognise them and grab them in both hands. Have faith in God and His will. Never fear anybody or anything. Be Sincere and Assertive. That is enough to sail through life's journey smoothly. But Life sometimes springs surprises. Don't be afraid of them. Every surprise comes as a challenge to make you wiser and stronger. Just enjoy each and every moment of this life. This is what I learnt from Pinky after she was diagnosed with leukemia.
Can there be a luckier father than me who has such bright kids with such special qualities.

Bored you a lot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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