Thursday, 12 November 2015


The dusty evening sky stimulates in me

The incandescent desire of the pleasant past
And the ecstasy of the bygone days
Remind me of the drastic detriment.

A cool enchanting breeze slithers over
The sprawling paddy fields, with
A rhythmic melody of serene calm
Soothing my heart of bereaved agony.

As tears of darkness flood the earth
I hobble beyond the far-stretching meadows
My sub-conscious mind revolts against
The stultifying laws of nature
And a foible in my inmost being
Awakes, and hurts my conscience with
A strong remorse and excruciating grief.

My quest has not been fructuous so far
And it never ends, even
After sleep creeps into my eyes.

I dream of your rapturous features
And think of your speculating views
While lying morbidly, waiting for the dawn
To begin yet another vigorous search for you.


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