Wednesday, 30 September 2015


It is 5.00 AM in the month of December- a sunday. The cold wave is reigning supreme. I get up and come out of my cosy warm quilt. Finish my daily routine and switch on the TV. The lights are deliberately kept off and I take utmost care to ensure that he volume of the TV is at the minimum possible. I just wish nobody in my family wakes up. The India Australia cricket match is on the air and I just can’t afford to miss it. But with just one TV at home and my mother, wife and kids always fighting over it for watching their favorite programmes my cricket always takes the back seat. It is only during the dawn that I get a chance to enjoy my favourite sports for a couple of hours till others wake up. And I can never afford to miss the golden opportunity.

No sooner than the clock struck seven my little son came stealthily behind me without even washing his face and snatched away the TV remote from my hand. He just ran away as I looked at him. “Now it is time for Doreamon”. He declared and swiftly changed the channel to Hungama. Poor Steve Waugh had lifted the full toss from Anil Kumble and I had no way to know whether the fielder caught him or he managed a sixer. By that time my daughter had started a battle with her brother to catch hold of the remote for switching to her Tom and Jerry soap.  I busied myself trying to settle an agreement between the two warring parties. The hitherto silent house had started to tremble under the rising decibels.

The hulla ballo certainly disturbed the sleeping beauty in my bedroom who came out almost stumbling  in slumber  and started throwing tantrums at me for not disciplining the children and watching TV at such unearthly hour. Then after looking at the wall clock she exclaimed, “Oh My God. It is gone again”. Apparently she was referring to the repeat telecast of her favourite soap which she missed last evening. As she rushed to the Kitchen in a dejected mood my mother came out of the bathroom and asked, “Why don’t you switch on the ‘Rangoli’ in Door Darshan?”
My Cricket match was lost in oblivion. I wondered why a Sunday should be there at all.
Now that Tata sky has launched a new set-top box (STB) having recording ability and with a Wi-Fi dongle to enable consumers to enjoy recorded content on smart phones and tablets I am the most relieved person in the world. And what is more fascinating is that no internet data will be consumed while using the dongle. Now I can record all my live cricket matches and watch them at my own convenience in my spare time.
The little investment that this new device demands will be compensated adequately as the study schedule of my wards will not be disturbed as their favourite cartoon shows can now be recorded and  shown to them only after they finish their studies. This will certainly make them more disciplined and sincere. My wife can now allow my mother to watch her stuff without any khitmit. And record her own soaps for viewing at leisure. In a word this new set-top box will make my home a much better place to live in. Thanks Tatasky for launching such an innovative product which can make Indian homes more peaceful and enjoyable.
For more details on this new technology follow the link below.

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