Thursday, 9 July 2015


I was taught about balanced diet in my high school days more than three decades ago and at that time I was not able to comprehend neither its importance nor its requirement. As children in our time we used to eat whatever was available at home. There were no sophisticated eateries outside and no fast food were available except perhaps, chats and golgoppas from road side vendors. We were often cautioned by our elders not to indulge in roadside dishes as they were unclean and liable to cause stomach problems. But never were we conscious about gaining weight and let alone losing weight by using balanced diet. Our life style then was much simpler and our daily doses of food intake consisted of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats and what not. I really did not understand at that time the use of eating weighted quantity of rice, dal, vegetables, fruits and all that terming it as “balanced diet”.
As time elapsed and Indian economy opened up in the early 1990s the Indian market was invaded by the MNCs and drastically changed the way Indians ate. Fat rich fast food outlets mushroomed and mouth licking stuff like pizzas, burgers, pastas, grilled chicken sandwitches etc were made available in plenty. These sophisticated eateries served food having very little nutritional value. No wonder people indulging in these modern fashion foods gained weight and lost strength of body and mind due to malnutrition like condition. Now to combat the weight gain modern health clubs (Our age old body building akhadas, renamed) sprung up. MNCs made money by putting fat on our bodies and the Health Clubs started making money by putting us on rigorous physical exercises to burn the fat. What an irony !!
But the comfort crazy population detests health clubs. All they need is a short cut for losing weight. This is where the dieticians step in with their business ideas. They show beautiful dreams of  weight loss by a couple of kilos (or even more) every week. And the gullible indolent people give in and accept their crash diet plans. Now these plans show very good results initially but what we often fail to realize are the negative impacts of these plans. Crash Diet Slows down metabolism and makes one very week and sleepy. You feel food craving all the time and hardly gather energy for any hard physical work. The worst thing is there is no guarantee that the lost weight will not come back again.
I have been a foodie since my birth and I would never like to accept any crash diet plan to lose my weight. I feel if I do that I will probably not be able to sustain at all. Overweight that I am, I would prefer a balanced diet plan in addition to a regular mild work out. The advantages of a balanced diet plan is that it helps to control and lose weight moderately, keeps you fit by providing proper nutrition and improves your digestive system and metabolism. A good balanced diet plan aims at reducing calories without letting your body to be deprived of nutrition and should include the following.
  • plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • plenty of bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and other starchy foods (choosing wholegrain varieties when possible)
  • some milk and dairy foods (choosing lower-fat varieties when possible)
  • some meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein
  • just a small amount of food  high in fat and sugar.
It is commendable that Dabur is campaigning for use of Honey, the natural sweetener. Honey is definitely a good substitute for the calories rich Sugar. And the Honey Diet is a good form of balanced diet which every overweight individual should adopt. For more details on Honey Diet please click the link below.

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