Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Bedtime Ritual: My Wife’s Disciplined Approach.

One of the major reasons why I hold my better half in great esteem is that she takes care of my off springs with meticulous sincerity. Her devotion for the wellbeing of our children is awesome and I feel, it is way above the common motherhood norms followed by most mothers in our society. I have seen her suddenly graduating from a naive sweetheart (that she used to be for me in the initial years after our marriage) to a matured all caring mother when my son saw the light of this world more than 23 years ago. Her gracious motherhood brought me down from the elevated position of her ruling husband to the cradle of her eldest and most naughty child. It was never a disgrace for me. Rather it was something I enjoyed the most as I could sense her multifaceted selfless love diversifying into disciplined concern for the entire family.

 I am not sure whether we ever followed any bedtime ritual for our children when they were infants. But my wife was very organised and methodical in her approach to manage the household. After the birth of our first child she became a strict disciplinarian mother. While I resented a bit being deprived of her full time attention I appreciated the way she focused on our son’s wellbeing. She followed a self-made routine religiously to ensure that our child is never neglected even for a moment. She was never tiring running after the child from dawn to dusk. Her bedtime ritual included washing the child in hot water, feeding him suitably, laying the bed with a plastic sheet below the bedcover, playing with the child for a while after dinner, changing his diapers and night dresses, singing lullabies to him till he slept. After that only she would come to prepare dinner for us.

When my daughter was born after two and a half years it became very difficult for her to take care of two infants simultaneously. This is when she urged me to help her and I reluctantly yielded. I used to spend time with our son who was a little bigger at that time and had learnt to use toilet. I detested the business of changing diapers and my wife understood that. She never compelled me to do that job even when she was ill and not able to cook food. But even during those periods of illness she ensured that the babies were properly looked after. I would try to follow her routine for the children under her strict guidance but failed miserably to come up to her standards.(It is in those occasions she branded me as her third and most naughty child.)

But I could learn the titbits of the art of child care from her as she delegated the responsibility of performing my son’s bedtime rituals while she concentrated on our daughter. I used to wash my son before he went to bed, shared dinner table with him and taught him how to eat using his own hands. I would play board games with him after dinner and read him a story from the book of Panchatantra. Sometimes I would tell him stories of my own childhood and he would enjoy them very much. He often slept after listening to a couple of stories. I used to say Good night to him and usually slept with him.

When I look back to those days I just can’t believe that we could take care of two infants simultaneously with impeccable precision. It could be possible only because of the indomitable patience and supreme sense of discipline exhibited by my wife whom my children and I regard as a “Super Mum”. She used homemade diapers and later ordinary diapers (available in the market at that time) for our children. That was the reason why our children used to wake up several times during the night necessitating change of the diapers and the bed sheets. Had there been the Pampers Baby Dry Pants not only my children but we also could have enjoyed uninterrupted sleep in those nights.

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