Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Gone are those rollicking days, when
I roamed freely and fearlessly
in the salubrious lap of nature
Climbing trees and plucking berries. 

The insatiable desire then entangled me
To soar into the unending blue of the sky
To catch up with the chirping birds
And to swim with the aquatics in the bay.

Criticism meant nothing to me
Society had no meaning either
Let alone life's obstacles and miseries
What to speak of fiendish human nature!!

I wondered how the sun shone so bright!
Why the moon not seen every night!!
Whenever I asked someone- I got the reply
Grow up my child; everything will come to your sight.

Now that I am grown up
Grown up enough to understand the mysteries of nature;
But one change in me I can never make out
How could I acquire such a selfish, jealous character?

I would like to be a child always, and stay
In that tiny world of enormous joys and queries;
Rather than becoming an adult and suffer
In this suffocating society of magnificent worries.

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